Focus and achieve your goals
using Objectives and Key Results

Big tech companies are using OKRs

they can work for individuals, too

Hi, my name is Kamil and I'm the maker of FocusOKR.

Objectives and Key Results is a framework that helps define and track objectives and their outcome. It is very popular in tech start-up and organizations (famous listed below).

I've created FocusOKR to make OKRs easy to use for individuals.

Define Your Objectives

Plan 1 to 3 ambitious and inspiring goals that you want to achieve in this quarter.

Track Key Results

Assign max 3 quantitative key results for every objective. Track its progress during the quarter.

Plan Your Work

Every week plan what you going to do to achieve your objectives. Do a retrospective at the end of the quarter.

I'm here to help you do more

Simple & Beautiful User Interface

I stripped the OKR idea to the form accessible for personal usage. This simplicity is visible in the user interface.

Personal Pieces of Advice

Each step contains an explanation and examples. No previous knowledge required. I can also give you feedback about your objectives and key results.

Weekly Reminders

I know that is hard to make a commitment and stick to it. Weekly reminders are created to help you achieve your goals.

Features that will help you focus on objectives

Created for Individuals

Unlike other tools on the market, I decided to create tools for personal not company OKRs.

Weekly Reminders

You will get a weekly email that reminds you to check current week progress and plan the next one.

Tips and Examples

I put useful hints here and there to help you plan your Objectives and Key Results.

Share Your Progress

You can share your progress with your significant one. This will keep you accountable.

Weekly Plans

The quarter is a long time. With FocusOKR you will plan your work for each week. This will help you stay focused in the world on distractions.

Knowledge Base

Curate list of resources about OKRs and how to apply them in personal life.

Application Screenshots

Below you could find a screenshots gallery from FocusOKR.

Test OKR framework on yourself, It's free (Now)

I must be sure that OKRs works for you and others before I'll introduce some kind of monetization. FocusOKR stays free at least to the end of 2019 but probably longer. So use that opportunity to test FocusOKR for free.